Download the Virbela Campus
Download the Virbela Campus using the buttons below,
and scroll down for some quick tips on getting started.
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Getting Started in Virbela

Step 1

Download the Campus Installer

Use the buttons above to download your campus installer for either Windows or Mac, and double click the downloaded file. Please follow the instructions provided in the installer. You might have to wait a few minutes for your campus to patch to the latest version.
Step 2

Register Your Account

Upon launching your campus, it will prompt you to register an account and login. Please fill in all fields and agree to our terms and conditions to complete your registration. Note, for some campuses you will have to login using an account provided by your company or a third-party service such as Google.
Step 3

Customize Your Avatar

After you've successfully registered you'll be taken to your closet to dress and adjust the look of your avatar. Once you've decided on your look you'll load into the welcome area of your campus.
Step 4

Explore your Campus

After you're dressed, you are free to explore your campus or attend an event. If you see any staff in the welcome area, say "hi" and listen for further instructions. Watch the video below for some additional tips and tricks.

Watch our Getting Started video for additional tips and tricks.